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For emergency service after 3:30 call John @ 607-327-1176. For fire alarm needs call Mike @ 607-327-1963. You will be charged for travel in both directions from their home. Our emergency rate is double time our normal rate.

David Brong

President, Residential, Fire Systems and Commercial Estimating

607-272-6922 ext. 3

James Bobnick

Vice President, Commercial and Industrial Estimating

607-272-6922 ext. 2

Sue Bobnick


607-272-6922 ext. 1

Frank Treat

Office Manager, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Human Resources

607-272-6922 ext. 4

Mandy Astles

Invoicing, Accounts Receivable

607-272-6922 ext. 5

Mike Shults

Fire Alarm Systems